Compost Professor


Make Date: May 2017

Per the EPA, food scraps and yard waste make up 20-30% of what we throw away. These materials could instead be composted, keeping waste out of landfills and reducing methane gas emissions.

Unfortunately, most do not compost, due to ignorance on the benefits of composting, misunderstanding of what can be composted, or lack of desire to manage compost.

The Compost Professor is a smart composting system that helps to address these issues by making the science of composting simple for today’s home owner. The Compost Professor uses analytics and artificial intelligence to help anyone successfully create compost with minimal effort.

Where possible, the system will act on the user’s behalf to take corrective actions to accelerate the composting process. When human intervention is needed, the system tells the user what should be added to the compost and when the compost bin should be turned. In addition, the system tracks when compost is ready for use.

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